L.J. McIntyre can’t resist an interesting project…

Currently, she is enjoying Playwright Studio Scotland‘s Scottish Borders Playwrights Mentoring Programme. This runs from July 2017 until February 2018, and is planned to end in a celebratory Talking Heads Festival later in 2018.

L.J. McIntyre is an Associate Editor of Fiction for literary magazine The Flexible Persona. Recent fun has included nominating entries for the Pushcart Prize and penning new articles on writing for the Flexible Persona blog.

Past projects have included:

Participating in several projects with the writers’ collective 26.

  1. 26 Memory Maps,  the most recent 26 project which sparked L.J. McIntyre’s flash fiction ‘Sylvia’s Story‘, and a complementary poem on the same topic. These were both inspired by, and dedicated to, L.J. McIntyre’s mum-in-law Sylvia.
  2. 26 Writers in Residence, this was the first 26 project which L.J. McIntyre was an Editor for. This was a humbling experience which was good for the development of her personal practice.
  3. 26 Lies, an exhibition at the Free Word Centre, London from September 2016 until November 2016. This featured L.J. McIntyre’s prose ‘Mulloy Dynasty‘ with a complementary illustration by artist Abi Latham.
  4. 26 Postcodes, an anthology featuring ‘Last Sip‘ by L.J. McIntyre. The published anthology is available for purchase.
  5. 26 Children’s Winters Exhibition at the Museum of Childhood, Edinburgh from October 2015 until March 2016. L.J. McIntyre’s poem ‘Scarlet Girl‘ was exhibited. Discover more about the stimulus and creative process behind this piece.

Paper Makers: A year long project to ”bring science to life through art, dealing with ecological climate change impact’ in partnership between Bristol University and University of Glasgow.  L.J. McIntyre’s poem ‘Available Asylum’ was exhibited at University of Glasgow’s Hunterian Museum in October 2015, as part of a group exhibition.

reSOURCE with Glasgow School of Art’s Sustainability Action Group which cumulated in the Counting Consciousness Exhibition at Fleming House, Glasgow School of Art (November 2014 until March, 2015).

If you would like to find out more – or have a project that you would like to discuss – please get in touch by emailing:


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