The Beast

It emerged early,

in the deep darkness of the seabed.

Shrouded in secrecy,

drifting in private play,

shame burned without a name.

As time passed and its passion grew,

it came to precariously seek the surface.

Embracing chance encounters,

with enchanting creatures.

Adolescent turbulence brought,

wild, windy storms and dangerous debris.

So came the meeting of its unstoppable force,

and the immoveable objects.

The storms continued to rage,

the beast thrashing and thrashing,

the rocks minutely crumbling.

A struggling of breath,

the new sensation,

of nothingness, of air.

Welcomed by waves of yellow, silky seaweed ribbons,

it came to rest, in a lush new world.

A calm rock pool,

full of forgotten treasures.

Here it swims,

warm in shallow sunlit waters.

Weathering the occasional storm,

waiting for a kindred soul.


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