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Productive Poetry Day

Today has finally been productive with two painstakingly written poems complete. Somewhat hatefully now entitled: Family Stain and Worry Dolls. Can you guess the common them?


World Word: Planet

Next ‪#‎WorldWord‬ for Jen Freer and I’s Paper makers project: Planet. What word, emotion or memory comes to mind when you think about ‪#‎climatechange‬?

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Scottish Seaside Poem

New poem underway, following some rather grim research into Scottish Witch Trials & Executions. Story inspired by An Lucht Lonrach call for submissions.

Research included these articles:

Counting Consciousness at Glasgow School of Art

L.J. McIntyre is proud to announce that she will have a piece in The Glasgow School of Art‘s Counting Consciousness exhibition this March (9th-11th, 2015). This is the showcase of her participation in reSOURCE, a project in carbon costing artistic practices since November 2014.

Counting Consciousness is a culmination of work from The Glasgow School of Art Sustainability in Action group and Artists Using Resources’ year of work. in the Community will host an exhibition next week showing a culmination of work from the year. The exhibition shows research, learning and outcomes from the past year alongside work from project reSOURCE. Attendees are invited “to embark on a journey through 15 months’ work exploring the edge between creativity and sustainability.”

The exhibition will be held 9th March- 11th March 2015 at Fleming House (Glasgow School of Art) with a honey tasting and workshops on Tuesday 10th March. More information about the event can be found at the GSA Sustainability website.

GSA Sustainability is a network of artists, staff and members of the larger arts community at the Glasgow School of Art who are engaging with issues of sustainability within an arts context. The GSA Sustainability in Action Group aims to develop, inform and oversee the implementation of the GSA’s Sustainability Strategy. Artists Using Resources in the Community is a Climate Challenge Funded (CCF) project based within the Glasgow School of Art, with the aim of reducing the GSA’s carbon emissions by 100 tonnes before March 2015. The collaboration between these two groups has produced an evolving group of dedicated artists and creatives within the GSA community whom have produced significant explorations of the links between arts and sustainability. More information about this group can be found here.