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Paper Makers: Wolrd Word Digital Exhibition

We want you! For the Paper Makers: bringing science to life through art project, collaborative Artist and Scientist pair, L.J. McIntyre and Jen Freer are welcoming you to create ‘World Words’.

A ‘world wide’ is an image of a word that reflects how you feel about ecological climate change. You can make your word out of anything – biro ink, stones, chalk, potato peel – the more imaginative the better!

Simply send your image through to and we’ll upload it onto the World Word Digital Exhibition. You can send as many entries ad you can think of, the more the merrier!

To keep the creativity coming, we’ll post our very own World Word relating to The Paper, every weekend. So stay tuned, and keep sending your submissions in.

At the end of the project every single World Word will make its own impact into a Word Cloud. The World Word Cloud shall be exhibited at the Hunterian Museum at University of Glasgow in September 2015; along side a new poem written by L.J. McIntyre that incorporates many of these submitted words, and complimentary Paper Maker themes.

These pieces – the word cloud and poem – will then be part of a touring exhibition around coastal Britain and Ireland.


Counting Consciousness at Glasgow School of Art

L.J. McIntyre is proud to announce that she will have a piece in The Glasgow School of Art‘s Counting Consciousness exhibition this March (9th-11th, 2015). This is the showcase of her participation in reSOURCE, a project in carbon costing artistic practices since November 2014.

Counting Consciousness is a culmination of work from The Glasgow School of Art Sustainability in Action group and Artists Using Resources’ year of work. in the Community will host an exhibition next week showing a culmination of work from the year. The exhibition shows research, learning and outcomes from the past year alongside work from project reSOURCE. Attendees are invited “to embark on a journey through 15 months’ work exploring the edge between creativity and sustainability.”

The exhibition will be held 9th March- 11th March 2015 at Fleming House (Glasgow School of Art) with a honey tasting and workshops on Tuesday 10th March. More information about the event can be found at the GSA Sustainability website.

GSA Sustainability is a network of artists, staff and members of the larger arts community at the Glasgow School of Art who are engaging with issues of sustainability within an arts context. The GSA Sustainability in Action Group aims to develop, inform and oversee the implementation of the GSA’s Sustainability Strategy. Artists Using Resources in the Community is a Climate Challenge Funded (CCF) project based within the Glasgow School of Art, with the aim of reducing the GSA’s carbon emissions by 100 tonnes before March 2015. The collaboration between these two groups has produced an evolving group of dedicated artists and creatives within the GSA community whom have produced significant explorations of the links between arts and sustainability. More information about this group can be found here.

Paper Makers – Workshop 1

Excitement is building as the first Paper Makers‘ workshop date is announced as Sunday the 11th of January 2015.

This will be the first time all seven scientists and writers/artists have met in person. We will discuss The Paper in detail and share initial ideas of audience engagement.

Following this the seven Scientific/Artistic pairs will be confirmed and inter-disciplinary work to produce new pieces of art and writing shall begin!

Papergirl Blackburn Exhibition

We are thrilled to announce a selection of L.J. McIntyre’s poetry and flash fiction will be featured in Papergirl Blackburn’s Exhibition. The exhibition runs from 6-16 November 2014 at popular arts, music and cultural event space St Johns Centre. Come along to the preview show 6 Nov from 5:30pm until 8pm.

After exhibition closes pieces of will be rolled up and distributed by bicycle to random passers-by, in the style of American paperboys.

Papergirl is a street art project originating from Berlin in 2006, which is now produced in cities worldwide.