Paper Makers: Wolrd Word Digital Exhibition

We want you! For the Paper Makers: bringing science to life through art project, collaborative Artist and Scientist pair, L.J. McIntyre and Jen Freer are welcoming you to create ‘World Words’.

A ‘world wide’ is an image of a word that reflects how you feel about ecological climate change. You can make your word out of anything – biro ink, stones, chalk, potato peel – the more imaginative the better!

Simply send your image through to and we’ll upload it onto the World Word Digital Exhibition. You can send as many entries ad you can think of, the more the merrier!

To keep the creativity coming, we’ll post our very own World Word relating to The Paper, every weekend. So stay tuned, and keep sending your submissions in.

At the end of the project every single World Word will make its own impact into a Word Cloud. The World Word Cloud shall be exhibited at the Hunterian Museum at University of Glasgow in September 2015; along side a new poem written by L.J. McIntyre that incorporates many of these submitted words, and complimentary Paper Maker themes.

These pieces – the word cloud and poem – will then be part of a touring exhibition around coastal Britain and Ireland.


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